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Butterfly Twists

We're uber excited about our new collection from Butterfly Twists

The Ballerina

For the woman who loves to wear flats or takes an occasional break from high heels, Butterfly Twists' flats are stylish, comfortable and versatile. Super lightweight, they're so easy to wear and offer freedom and flexibility in their ability to be slipped on and worn anytime, anywhere.

The gorgeous Butterfly Twists' ballerina pumps come with memory foam insoles which offer shock absorbency and are anti bacterial, creating a supple, kinder environment for your hardworking feet!

All of their ballerinas offer a top line elastic that adheres to the foot and makes for a snug well fitting shoe, without gaping.  Their genius feature is the toe puff, which aids toe shape, adds protection and prevents the toe area collapsing inward or uncomfortably rubbing against the toes.  Their signature rubber skid resistant outer sole is both supple and flexible, promoting a more natural feeling underfoot and we love the fact that they can be folded up and stuffed easily into your handbag - great for when you want to change your shoes on the go!


The Sandal

Butterfly Twists' sandals are beautifully soft sandals. Most flat sandals currently on the market tend to be either too hard underfoot or too casual like flip flops.  We find these sandals really bridge the gap between dressy and comfort and give a more polished look and feel. 

Just like the ballerina pumps, the sandals have memory foam insoles which offer shock absorbency and are anti bacterial, keeping your feet sweet all day long!




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