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Moda Aug 2016

Like a child in a sweet shop is how I would describe myself whenever I visit the Moda Shoe Exhibition!  Wherever you look, there is a wide and unwielding sea of beautiful shoes before you; from the fabulously stylish to the quirky 'oh my goodness', Moda certainly has every range of shoe to keep even the most die-hard shoeaholic happy for at least 6 months (which thankfully is when Moda re-opens).  Not only is it great fun to look at all the new fashions, but we get to meet the people behind the brands and discuss what's happening and what's coming up in the world of shoe fashion - and have they got a treat for you next Summer!

The only problem?  Where to start!  But start we did, and here are some of our highlights and a little sneaky peek at what's coming next Spring Summer 17.  Just a little one though...we don't want to spoil all the fun!


It looks like cool blues and hot sizzling oranges and pinks are going to be the 'in' colours next Summer and we absolutely loved Butterfly Twist's new range of pretty pumps that practically oozed summer fun!

Lots of 'Oooohs' and 'Aaaahs' could be heard coming from the utterly fabulous range of Irregular Choice/Poetic Licence, renowned for their quirky and stunning designs.  As always, they didn't disappoint and we found ourselves oooohing away with everyone else at all the sparkles and ribbons, and wanting to pick up everything off the shelves and just stroke them!  Is that too weird?  Ok, maybe a little, but see for yourselves...


 See what we mean now?  Yep...Oooooh!

We also fell in love with the exquisite detail and gorgeous colours from Laura Vita, a new and exciting range we are planning to bring to you next year...  

Everytime we looked, we found some other little detail that we'd missed before!

Unfortunately, these won't be in our store until next Spring Summer 17, but if you need your fix of fabulous shoes then fear not fellow shoelovers, our Autumn Winter 16 Collection is just as stunning and available now!

Pretty Heels Autumn Winter 16 Collection








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